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Crucifixion date

Sunday, September 12, 471 BC at 18:00:00
Julian DN: 1549645.25

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Aramaic Papyri #1 Date

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Papyri #1 AP-5 Elul 18 = Pachons 28, year 15, Xerxes, (471 BC). See Egyptian Date
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The orientation of the moon shifts based on where the observer's location. Julian day numbers correspond to Greenwich, England.

Babylonian Dates are based on Richard A. Parker and Waldo H. Dubberstein, "Babylonian Chronology 620 B.C.-75 A.D."

Julian Day Number and Moon Phase Calculator

Convert a date, Julian day number, Gregorian, or Julian Calendar date to see the phase of the moon and Earth's longitude for any date and time past or present with this precise tool for Bible time prophecy. See times for any new moon, full moon, perihelion, aphelion, perigee, apogee, solstice, or equinox.

This Calculator is a companion tool for the book:
Daniel's Calendar Decoded:
From the Elephantine Papyri

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