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Our moon phase calculator converts Julian Day Numbers and calendar dates to display moonrise, sunrise, and sunset for five millenniums. It is a companion tool for our book on Seventh-Day Adventist prophecy. We investigated Daniel's 2300-day and seventy-week prophecies in depth. They reveal the exact time of Christ's birth, baptism, crucifixion, and end-time events by correctly interpreting Bible symbolism. See if you agree. Get the PDF version instantly and save. Viewable on your device.

Date and time are expressed at the Prime Meridian, Greenwich, England, using a 24-hour clock. Your local date and time depends on your time zone offset (+/- hrs.).

Date Field: Enter a date and time. Then "submit Date" to see the Julian Day Number. Standard dating uses Gregorian dates after 1582 and Julian calendar dates before 1582.

Julian Day Field: Enter a whole or fractional Julian Day Number greater than 808299 and less than 2634167. Then "Submit aJDN." Enter a lattitude (negative south of equator) and longitude (negative west of Greenwich).

Add or subtract days using the third input field. Enter a whole or decimal number of days. Place a minus symbol in front of the number of days to subtract. Place a zero in the addend field to stop adding.

The small white dot near Earth in our illustration is a lunar apside (perigee or apogee). The red dot is a node of the ecliptic (ascending or descending). When a new or full moon is at or is opposite to the red dot, an eclipse occurs.

For example, a very famous eclipse occurred over Nineveh in Jonah's time, 763 B.C. To see how the red dot is displayed, enter the following JD Number in the form above: 1442903.089 or click the following button: The sun, earth, moon, and nodes (red dot) are all in line.

The blue-green dot opposite the earth indicates the constellation. | A 24-hour clock simply adds twelve hours after noon time. For example 2:00 p.m is the same as 14:0:0 (2+12). 10 O'clock p.m. is 22:00 (10+12) and so on.